Without music life would be a mistake ” - Friedrich Nietzsche


Renown for fusing together years of rigorous musical know how with the feel-good rhythms of salsa music, DJ Henrix is a professional latin DJ, producer and dance party organizer. Based out of his home city of Beirut in Lebanon, the experienced entertainer has perfected the art of crafting the perfect salsa anthem after spending over a decade dancing, DJing and playing music at numerous popular events worldwide. He has been releasing his own tracks since 2017. Fusing a flurry of different genres such as flamenco and even country to the classic sounds of salsa, Henrix’s own music pushes multiple boundaries and has seen him gain a loyal following worldwide. 

The multi-talented artist started out at age eleven when he began learning classical guitar, then went on to play in various rock bands during his school and university years. He later became interested in latin music and started teaching salsa dancing, soon becoming a DJ at many dance parties and started organizing his own events. He has taken latin music classes with numerous famous musicians and spent a lot of time learning music production so he could start putting out his own salsa tracks. Having seen the genre from every possible perspective, from dedicated listener, to dancer, all the way to DJ, Henrix has tightly refined the perfect rhythms and melodies that will get a salsa dance party going wild and coming back for more.

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